Emotional literacy

Based on the Disney film Inside Out

We provide 6 one-hour sessions delivered weekly looking at emotions based on the film Inside Out. Like the film, we look at Anger, Sadness, Disgust, Fear & Joy and talk about how all these emotions are important and how it is okay to feel and express them appropriately.

We have found that this course works extremely well with YR6 students getting ready to move onto secondary school.  We have also found it beneficial to run a 'Transition to Year 7 Day' alongside the course.  This helps pupils prepare themselves for secondary school practically and emotionally.

"The three best elements of the Inside Out Course are;

They were practical and the children enjoyed them

They were linked to real life situations that the children will encounter

They allowed children to develop ways to deal with real life situations"

Keresforth Primary School, Year 6 teacher

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