Other courses

 Emotional Literacy (6 Weekly one hour sessions) 

Looking at emotions and identifying feelings in order to understand ourselves. We come up with strategies to help deal with emotions in a positive way.


Anger (6 Weekly one hour sessions)

What makes us angry? Learning how we can deal with our anger in a positive and constructive way.


Self Esteem (6 Weekly one hour sessions)

The opportunity to discover who you are, and to feel proud of your uniqueness. To be strong in your belief in yourself and the ability to say ‘So What?’ to peer pressure.


Transition for YR7 (6 Weekly one hour sessions)

This follows on from our YR6 transition days where we give extra support and encouragement to targeted students to help them join into Secondary school life.


Exam Stress (6 Weekly one hour sessions)

Helping pupils with strategies on reducing their stress levels around exam season.


Truancy (3 Weekly one hour sessions)

Helping targeted pupils understand why they are truanting and help improve their aspirations and attendance.

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